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Shisei Planet

1. Shisei Planet is a group with each person having the intention to cultivate, by learning from the rhythm of nature, a good posture and a body and feelings in harmony.

2. Shisei Planet is not a political group, religious organization, or civic group. It is a group of individuals who have got together of their own free will.

3. Shisei Planet is not an organization pushing members to buy goods such as health foods and health appliances.

4. There is a way of looking at how things work in nature. Shisei Planet calls it “shizen kan” (“shizen” means nature and “kan” means “the way of looking at,” in Japanese), and proposes a simple and comfortable way of life that will move with the rhythm of nature as far as possible.

5. Besides general clerical records, there are no special obligations or procedures to become a member or to withdraw from membership. Anyone, at their own will, can join or withdraw from membership at any time.


Main activities of Shisei Planet

1. To promote the Shisei Method

2. To promote the idea that balanced posture is important

3. To train awakers

4. To give classes and lectures on the Shisei Method

5. To publish books related to the Shisei Method


Where does the name “Shisei Planet” come from?


We have already explained the meaning of Shisei. The word “planet” comes from the planets in our universe. Let us explain in more detail.

The path of two planets in a solar system, under their mutual gravitational attraction can be calculated automatically. However, the path of three planets due to their mutual effects cannot be calculated unless all three planets are either in line or in an equilateral triangle. This is called the N-body problem.

Regardless of our ideas, planets have been moving in the universe in accordance with natural laws for a very long period of time.

Although each planet has been drifting in space freely and naturally for these very long periods of time, each planet moves around without disturbing the universal order.

This name reflects our desire to move through life in a balanced way.

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