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To sincere searchers for authentic nature

We welcome participants to our study sessions aiming to train and develop Shisei-method awakers.*

*What is an “awaker”?
In Shisei method, an awaker has similar meaning to a leader or an instructor. However, we consider that the role of these leaders or instructors is not simply teaching Shisei method. We rather think that their main role is to “wake up” the natural healing power dormant in each person, so we call such a leader an “awaker”.

We are working at training Shisei-method awakers. At present, we hold monthly study sessions in Kawatana town in Nagasaki Prefecture for applicants from our neighborhood. We also conduct study-session camps for 8 days and 7 nights (although participants don’t have to finish the whole course at once).

If you wish to study further, we will support you through Shisei-method “gatherings” (once a month for participants living in neighborhood areas, once a year for participants living in distant areas). We welcome participants, for example healthcare professionals and sports instructors, who are sincerely searching for authentic nature.

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